The current trends in The U.S administration towards the Yemen's conflict

Sunday 08 August 2021 / Washington Center for Yemeni Studies (WCYS)
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Following through with his campaign promises, President Biden prioritized Yemen's conflict, assigning Tim Linderking as the United States Special Envoy for Yemen and revoking the last administration's FTO designation. Despite the active shuttle diplomacy and ever since the Saudis’ cease-fire proposal, things seem to have been stagnant for a few months


In this context, Washington Center for Yemeni Studies (WCYS) is inviting you to join a virtual webinar to discuss "The current trends in The U.S administration towards the Yemen's conflict"


The link to the Webinar is :


The Zoom Webinar will be streamed on Facebook :


 Day & Time: August 12, At 12:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM Yemen Time


Guest Speakers-

  Dr. Nabeel Khoury" nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. His commentaries appear on the Atlantic Council’s MENASource blog, The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, and on his own blog, Middle East Corner


 Hannah Porter  is a Yemen analyst at the international development firm DT Global


 Baraa Shiban  is a Yemeni human rights activist. He is a researcher for the human rights organisation Reprieve and previously served as the organisation's Project Coordinator in Yemen




 Marwa Ghumrawi  Human Rights Researcher and the Operation and communication Director at the Washington Center for Yemeni Studies


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